Person to Person Transfers

For local sales and transfers, we can facilitate the legal FFL transfer of your firearm or NFA items from you to other individuals.

  • Buyer and seller agree to terms of sale prior to arrival
  • Buyer pays the seller for firearm and all fees are paid in advance
  • Buyer completes all necessary background paperwork
  • If a NICS background check is required, Buyer WILL NEED TO RETURN in order to pick up firearm once the NICS background check is approved
  • 2A Guns may will hold firearm for Buyer until background is approved and complete OR
  • Seller can hold the firearm until the background checks are complete but must return with the Buyer to complete the transaction


In the event 2A Guns holds the firearm and the Buyer is unable to pass the NICS background check

  • Buyer will have 3 days to resolve issue with the Seller
  • If the Seller retakes possession of the firearm, all background checks need to be completed and all fees paid
  • In the event the Buyer is unable to resolve the issue within 3 days, the firearm will become the property of NVEF


  • NICS background check $25 (Waived for CCW holders)
  • Transfer fee – $35 plus NV sales tax (no sales tax on person-to-person transfers)
  • All firearms received without a lock will incur a $5 fee for a new lock


Inbound Transfers

For individuals who have purchased a firearms or NFA item online or outside the state, we can perform the necessaqry background checks to make the transation legal and secure. Please have your sending FFL (no private party mail transfers) e-mail us at nvef@ and include the following.

  • A copy of their FFL
  • Your legal name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Purchase receipt to show taxes paid, if no receipt is included tax will be collected on fair market value of firearm

After accepting your FFL request and we e-mail the seller a copy of our FFL license, they will ship the firearm(s) to us for you to pick up. It is your responsibility to make sure the seller ships out your gun in a timely fashion once they have our FFL license.

Receipt of Firearm

Once we receive your firearms we will call you within 48 hours to arrange an appointment. You will need the following

  • Government issued ID, ie, Driver License
  • Valid Concealed Carry Permit (if applicable)
  • You can not take possession of your firearms if the background check is delayed or denied

Failure to Transfer / Abandonment

Transfers will be held for 14 days from date of receipt unless an extended timeframe is approved by 2A Guns. Any firearm left uncollected or not transferred after 14 days without contact to Nevada Estate Firearms by you (the transferee) will become the property of 2A Guns.

Cancellation of Transfer

You will be charged the Outbound Transfer shipping and fees (see fees below) if the transfer has to be cancelled for any reason, including below.

  • Unable to pass the NICS review
  • Unable or unwilling to complete the minimal required paperwork and pay fees
  • Failure to pay the transfer fees and return shipping, the firearm will then become the property of NVEF.


  • NICS background check $25
  • Waived for CCW holders
  • Transfer fee – $35 plus NV sales tax (no sales tax on person to person transfers)
  • All firearms received without a lock will incur a $5 fee for a new lock


Outbound Transfers

For individuals who have sold their firearms online to another individual, 2A Guns can help you transfer your firearm to a valid FFL dealer. If you have a large number of firearms to transfer we can negotiate a price that best meets your needs.

  • Make an appointment to bring in your firearms
  • Bring in a copy of the receiving dealers FFL (we can only ship to valid FFL holders)
  • Once we complete out verification, firearms will be shipped
  • Valid government ID required


  • Transfer Fee $35
Shipping Fees
  • Handguns – $29
  • Long Guns – $49

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