Firearm Consignments

If you are seeking to sell your firearms, then 2A Guns is ideal for you. Whether new or used we can either purchase your firearm from you or help you put it on consignment. We utilize various websites and sales outlets to advertise your firearms.

For Nevadan’s who recently inherited weapons in an estate or because of death, we can help you with the process to transfer possession so its quick, easy, legal, and fully documented.

Step 1 – Collect Information

When ready to place your items on consignment please contact us with the following information about each firearm.

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial Number

Step 2 – Initial Agreements

We will set an appointment time and place that makes sense for you to show us your cased and unloaded firearms.

  • You agree to bring appropriate documentation to verify your name, current address, best email, and best phone number, have valid government ID.
  • You agree to have realistic prices for each consignment or else we will not take them.
  • We can also provide a free market evaluation if requested.

Step 3 – Consignment Agreement

We will review the following.

  • Firearm Information
  • Realistic price of each firearm
  • Personal and contact information
  • Any additional services that may be needed (repairs, cleaning)
  • We both sign the consignment agreement that includes a reference to each firearm.

Step 4 – Transfer to 2A Guns

2A Guns will take possession of each firearm we agree to consign.

Fees and Services

Consignment Fee

Our consignment fee is 10% of the sale of each item with a minimum of $50 per item unless negotiated and stated differently in the consignment agreement.

Our Services

In order to consign your firearms we provide these services

  • Take several photos of your firearms
  • List your items on our website, Gunbroker, and possibly one of our other sales outlets
  • We answer all questions regarding your items
  • We package and ship to the buyers FFL to ensure a legal transaction

Auction Fees

Gunbroker charges a fee when your item sells, based on the final value price of the auction

  1. Take the first $325 of your final value and multiply by 6%
  2. For the amount over $325, multiply that amount by 4%
  3. Add these two amounts and that is the Final Value Fee

For example, a $1,500 item would cost:

  1. $325 times 6% = $19.50
  2. $1,175 times 4% = $47.00
  3. Total = $66.50

A $500 item would cost:

  1. $325 times 6% = $19.50
  2. $175 times 4% = $7.00
  3. Total = $26.50

Other Fees and Services

NVEF offers a firearms cleaning services if you choose this option. Any repairs will be discussed during the consignment signing.

  • Shipping fees are paid by the buyer
  • Credit card fees are paid by the buyer if the item is sold through Gunbroker

Fee Breakdown

  • Consignment Fees – Responsibility of Seller
  • Gunbroker\Auction Fees – Responsibility of Seller
  • Shipping Fees – Responsibility of Buyer
  • Other Services (cleaning\repair) – Responsibility of Seller
  • Taxes – Responsibility of Buyer

Additional Fees

Any other fees required for the consignment transaction are the responsibility of the seller. Examples of additional fees include but are not limited to credit card transaction fees, auction fees, consignment fees and any additional services.

Returns\Unsold Items

In cases where you wish to attain your firearms or they simply cannot be sold, 2A Guns will return them to you. However, we can only legally return firearms after the Consignor completes all necessary forms as if they were purchasing the firearms, pass NICS background check, and pay all transfer fees for each firearm.

If consignor fails to complete the documentation within 30 days or fails the NICS background check then 2A Guns must legally retain the firearms. 2A Guns will provide a 30-day grace period for the Consignor to remedy the situation but will legally own the firearms if not resolved.

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