Griffin Resistance 22 Modular Silencer 22LR thru 223 Remington


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With over a decade of rimfire suppressor development and manufacturing under our belt, Griffin Armament is proud to offer the Resistance® 22 Modular Silencer as the next generation in rimfire suppressor technology.

The Resistance® 22M is constructed from 7075 T6 Aluminum and features a fully user-serviceable patented HEDP™ baffle stack. Trademark Griffin Armament accessory modularity allows for a wide variety of mounting options beyond the included 1/2×28 direct thread adapter.

Additional features like a wipe compatible end cap and a 1.375″ OD (traditionally seen in pistol silencers) give the Resistance® 22M class leading performance across the spectrum of rimfire calibers and even supports a sporting use rating for .223 Remington.

The Resistance® 22 Modular supports 3-lug with the use of the Griffin 3-Lug Kit (which is compatible with the Optimus® series, Revolution series and Resistance® series suppressors). Taper Mounts can also be used with the Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield.

Common Calibers supported are : All rimfire calibers .17-.22  (ex. 22lr, 22WMR, 17HMR), 5.7mm, and .223 Remington (16″ barrel or longer, TM Minimalist Blast Shield mounted ONLY)

Direct Thread and 3-lug ratings : all the above and .22 hornet (16″ barrel or longer)

Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield mounted ratings : all the above and .223 / 5.56mm, — 16″ or longer barrels (sporting use only – 5 rounds fired and can must cool to ambient temperature)

Resistance® 22M Includes: Tube body, End cap and neoprene wipe w/spacer, 5 baffles, 1/2×28 direct thread mount, Revolution wrench, 2″ fender washer, manual, and microfiber pouch. NOTE: 3-Lug Kit and Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield as well as Griffin Taper Mounts are sold separately.

  • 113 DB SPL on .22lr Pistols
  • 114 DB SPL on .22 Rifles
  • 129 DB SPL @ shooters ear on 20″ .223 Remington Bolt Action Rifle

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